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Thru-Ed’s-Eyes is a retrospective of my photography in the form of 75 portfolios containing 1000+ photos. This eBook is a sampler from those portfolios.

Art & Craft – How do they differ? What distinguishes art from craft? What’s the difference between a craftsman & an artist?  What is craftsmanship’s role in photography? How might our photography become (fine) art?

Infrared photography is a special version of Black & White.  IR images often have a magical ethereal look that I find appealing (but IR is often an acquired taste).

The Zone System is a framework that allows us to convert captured luminance values to the values as we want them to be; i.e. values that match our visualization of the subject.

A recipe for

  • In-camera
  • No post processing required
  • Creative technique

To make images like this.

Out-of-frame (OOF) how-to

  • Turn a so-so image into one that’s more interesting
  • An opening for your creativity

Coming soon…

  1. More Special Photographic Technique How-to’s
  2. Mastering Light
  3. A Grown-Up’s Coloring Book

Next Up…

Photo Impressionism – Evoking subjective impressions, not recreating objective reality

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