Portfolios 101

Do you know what a portfolio is?

Do you have a portfolio?

If you answered – Yes, but just one ….,

You may not understand portfolios

Regardless, follow along

While we explore the world of portfolios


Reflections in Blue & Gold

This might be an image in a portfolio

Whose theme is Outdoors>>Nature>>Water>>Reflections

The theme should be focused; not just outdoors or nature



Photography Portfolio definition-

1. A body of an artist’s work having a single theme, and

2. A consistent quality

You can find other definitions, but this one is common

Unless all of your work has the same subject and theme

B&W Portraits, Red Roses, Water reflections, …..

You normally shouldn’t have just one portfolio

If you mix image quality – both wall hangers and snapshots

The overall impression will be “snapshots”

Your work will be judged by the worst, not best, images

Dragged down to its lowest level


Creating a portfolio has several challenges.

The most difficult IMO is selection of the images to be included

This process is called editing

(not to be confused with post-processing)

Consider a National Geographic magazine photo editor

Who might be given 10,000+ images from a shoot, and

Must choose a dozen or so for the article

That’s your challenge ….


Additional posts in this series examine other aspects of portfolios –

The artist’s statement, what & why


Portfolio type (print, digital, ?)

Portfolio size (we’re talking 10-20 images, not 100’s)

Putting it all together

These posts can be found on my Photography Improvement site:

Type portfolio in the site’s search box


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