I took up photography in mid-2002 at the ripe age of 65. My first camera was a 2 MP Olympus point & shoot. The first year was spent learning the difference between f-stops and bus-stops while shooting ~20,000 images. In December 2003 I joined a photo club and began three years of competing:

  • Novice 2003-4
  • Intermediate 2004-5
  • Advanced 2005-6

Each year I won every top prize and moved up a competitive-level notch. I quit after my 3rd end-of-year club competition (~300 club members who entered over 2,000 entries over the course over the competition year), taking home 11 awards in 2006 including the top 4. Going out on top seemed the way to go (plus, I was tired of shooting for judges, most of whom allowed no room for imagination & creativity, i.e. for Ed’s-Eyes).


After competing, I moved on to teaching and presenting programs to clubs. My work was displayed in books and magazine covers and hangs in public and private collections. My favorite endeavor, though, was working as a volunteer photographer for the National Park Service at Shenandoah National Park where I donated thousands of photos.

My Websites

I’ve been posting photos to the web since 2004, a little over a year after I took up photography in mid-2002. I first used PBase and posted a photo-a-day there for years. No new photos have been added for ~5 years, but the several thousand still there are worth a look. I tried a few other sites over the same period – SmugMug, Flickr, and others – but they’re gone now.

In 2010 I developed my own photo website, Photography Improvement. This was in response to requests from my community’s photo club for a photo course. As of Nov. 2018 I still post there (~2,600 posts, ~900K+ site visits from almost 200 countries, and nearly a thousand followers). I developed a few other sites since, but they also are gone.

That brings us here to thru-ed’s-eyes.

  • This site is primarily a retrospective of my work  (my Swan Song) presented in the form of portfolios of ~20 photos each.
    • Portfolios of the same genre are grouped into albums (mainly to reduce clutter on a given page).
  • I’ve finished going through my 200K+ archived images, flagging potential portfolio candidates
    • Checked literally every photo in chronological order
    • Seeing the evolution of my craftsmanship (starting with NONE) and style was interesting.
    • Brought back lots of memories.
    • Ended up with ~5,000 from the 200K+ archive.
  • Nov. 3rd 2018 update – In the process of further culling the 5,000 candidates.
    • “Survivors” are going into portfolios
    • You can track the progress via the site’s home page and blog
    • Looks like about another month until completion
  • What’s next? A few coffee table books derived from a sampling of portfolio images.